Meet the Rocke Brothers

Ethan, Matthew, Levi, and Micah Rocke are all brothers that were born and raised in east-central Wisconsin. They come from a family of fifteen children, with four of them waiting to be met for first time in heaven. Growing up they performed with their family and also played a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, banjo, cello, trumpet, clarinet, and dobro.

In 2009, Ethan, Matthew, and Micah began singing as a trio as part of the family musical engagements and added Levi to form the quartet sound in 2014. The Rocke Brothers began doing their own engagements and singing more regularly in 2016.

Levi Rocke

Levi holds a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute. He currently serves as the pastor of Community Bible Church in Black Creek, Wisconsin. He is married to Sarah and together they have three children, Boaz, Jochebed, and Habakkuk.

Levi has a passion to know Christ and help others to know Him as well. When he isn't with his family, Levi can probably be found with someone who needs a listening ear or helping someone in need.

Ethan Rocke

Ethan works for Arrow Lift as a service technician. He has previously spent time in food service management, agriculture, and traveled nationally as a worship leader.

Ethan primarily sings baritone with the group but is also an excellent bass. He loves hanging out with his siblings and the opportunity to minister to others together.

Matthew Rocke

Matthew works as a store manager for Valley Pike Farm Market in Weyers Cave, Virginia. He recently finished his master's degree in Ministry Leadership from Cornerstone College of Virginia. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys cooking, sports, and comedy.

Micah Rocke

Micah is the owner Cruisin' A-Lawn Service. He also produces and sells maple syrup each spring with Ethan. Micah serves as the worship leader at his church.

Micah sings a mix of tenor and lead for the group. He loves the times when he is able to play sports, especially wiffleball, baseball, softball, and disc golf.